The only nation-wide patient testing platform built for modern healthcare

Our API-enabled platform brings together specialized warehousing, kitting, phlebotomy and direct lab integrations so you can focus less on operations and more on the important stuff
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Built for remote healthcare businesses

We're purpose built to support those that distribute care and testing remotely. Whether you're doing population screening, diagnostic and wellness testing, or running a trial, we've got you covered.
CLIA lab network
Wide geographic coverage
Population insights
HIPAA compliant

Butterfly Labs platform

Accelerate your time to market with the first platform built specifically for at-home testing across a variety of modalities. Using our platform, you can order a test for a patient. We bring everything from custom kitting to lab integrations under a seamless API allowing you to shape testing to your needs.

Why Butterfly Labs?

Easy shipping
No need to worry about managing shipping. We maintain compliant kits in our warehouses to ensure they're registered correctly to the patient as they leave the facilities.
Flexible panels
Don't get stuck with a canned panel. Add and remove markers as needed for you to get the right data at the right price.
Multiple testing modalities
Your patients and needs differ and so should your testing options. Whether you need a phlebotomist of a finger stick test, we've got you covered.
A single point of contact
Rather than work with a vendor across shipping, sampling, kitting, and integrations, work across a single operational interface.
Modern API
Work with a platform that enables you. Our platform is simple to integrate with and uses webhooks so you can be notified as events happen in the real world.
Patient engagement
Automated patient transactional messaging out of the box enables you to get started quickly without requiring yet another SaaS product.

Use cases

Wellness Testing
Provide your patients with the information they need to make lifestyle decisions. From women's health to micronutrients, our menu provides commonly demanded insights.
Hormone Health
Comprehensive testing from bioavailable testosterone, liver function tests, and thyroid panels allow for initial and follow-up tests for various treatments. Access specialty tests geared directly towards hormone therapy.
Decentralized Clinical Trials
Every test is patient self-sampled meaning no specialist involvement. Digital patient engagement and customized instructions ensure each test is taken in a timely and correct fashion according to protocol.

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